Best Gaming PC Build under Rs.15000 2 GB DDR5 Graphics

Lets build a gaming PC for 15000 rupees, you don’t need to spend a fortune to start playing games on a PC. Most people think you cannot play good games on a 20K PC forget about 15K but friends its possible to build a good PC under 15000 for playing games, office work and Entertainment. This PC will let you play games like Counter Strike Go, Dota 2, League of legends, Fifa 14 and so on.

We have 2 best Configuration PC builds one with a Graphics card and one without, on both machines you can play games. The first gaming PC build comes with AMD A6 6400K APU (accelerated processing unit), these processor have CPU and GPU on a single chip. We are pairing our processor with Asus A68HM-K motherboard with USB 3.0 and DDR3 RAM support, Crosair Value 4GB DDR3 RAM and 1 TB Segate Hard drive.

Rs 15000 Gaming PC build  1


  • Processor: AMD A6 6400K Rs.4000  Get it on
  • Motherboard : Asus A68HM-K – DDR3 FM2+ motherboard Rs.3930  Get it
  • RAM: Crosair 4GB DDR3  Rs.2600 Get it
  • Hard-Disk: Seagate  1TB  Hard Drive  Rs.3500 Get it
  • Cabinet with SMPS: Artis, iBall or intex cabinet with SMPS Rs.1500

Total Cost: Rs 15530 ( Thoda Zyada hai 😉 )

You have to buy the cabinet from a local store as it is not available online

#2. Gaming PC with 2GB DDR5 Graphics Card


We are going to use AMD A4 4020 3.2 GHz CPU and pair it with Asus A68HM-k motherboard and add a Zotac Geforce GT 710 2 GB DDR5 GPU. For Ram Dolgix 4 GB DDR3 RAM don’t go by the name its a good brand that offers affordable RAM solutions and Seagate 1 TB internal HDD.

  • Processor: AMD FM2 A4 – 4020 3.2GHz Speed Processor Rs.2400 Get it
  • Motherboard: Asus A68HM-K – DDR3 FM2+ MB Rs.3930 Get it
  • RAM: Dolgix Memory – 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Rs.2200 Get it
  • Graphics Card: ZOTAC GT 710 2GB DDR5 ZONE Edition Rs.2990 Get it
  • Hard-Disk: Seagate Desktop 1TB Internal Hard Drive Rs.3500 Get it
  • SMPS plus cabinet : Artis or iBall Cabinet with SMPS for Rs.1500

Total Cost: Rs 16520

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