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Let’s build the best gaming pc under 40K, for Rs 40000 you may not get a gaming laptop but it will definitely get you a very good high-performance gaming rig, we are going to build a gaming rig that will play most games on high settings at 60+ fps. So the first thing we need to do is choose a good processor & GPU in our budget.

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We have a processor choice between the G4560 and an i3 (don’t expect an i5 under 40k unless you want to use a cheap graphics card and a cheap cabinet etc) so the processor choices we have are Intel G4560, it’s the most affordable processor by Intel with Hyperthreading and it performs like an older generation i3.  The other processor that comes under our budget is the i3 7100 which performs better than the G4560 in most new games titles and graphics processing apps like Adobe Premiere, it has a better clock speed than the G4560’s at 3.9 GHz.

For powering our graphics we are using the Zotac Nvidia Geforce 1050 Ti Mini 4 GB DDR5 graphics card. It is the most powerful graphics card for gaming under 15K, it has 768 CUDA cores and has a base clock speed of 1392 MHz.  1050 Ti mini (mini because of the compact size no difference in performance) coupled with the i3 7100 and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, this build will let play all the latest game at 60+  fps without any issues and you can watch videos in 4K.

Circle CC 815 Gaming Cabinet

All the parts used in our PC Build under Rs.40000.

  • Processor: Intel Core i3-7100 3.9 GHz LGA 1151          Rs.9000  Amazon
  • MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 LGA 1151        Rs.4300   Amazon
  • Memory: HyperX Fury  8GB  DDR4 2400 MHz          Rs.5990   Amazon
  • Graphics: GTX 1050 Ti Mini 4 GB DDR5                      Rs.11,500  Amazon
  • Storage: WD 1 TB 6.0 Gbps Internal Hard Disk          Rs.3600  Amazon
  • SMPS: Corsair VS450 450 Watts power supply         Rs.2800  Amazon
  • Cabinet: Circle CC815 Gaming Cabinet                        Rs.2400  Amazon

Total cost of PC Build: Rs.39,590 Protection Status