Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs 20000 – Little Monster

You are here, so you have already decided to build a 20000 rupees gaming PC. Building a good gaming rig under 20K is possible but don’t expect it to be great, what I mean is that it will let you play most games at low and medium settings don’t expect it to run games at full settings running at 70 fps.

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So let’s build the best gaming pc you can get under 20000.

Selecting the CPU, there are not many choices available for a CPU on a tight budget like this we are going with the Intel G4400 3.3 GHz dual core processor. It is a very good entry level desktop processor for gaming as well as regular day to day use with 2 core and 2 threads, 3 MB L3 cache, Intel HD 510 integrated graphics and DirectX 12 support. Coupling it with MSI H110M LGA 1151 socket motherboard or the cheapest motherboard you can find on the market with LGA 1151 socket.

The graphics card which will at the heart of our gaming PC is the Nvidia Geforce 730 2 GB DDR5 card, it has 384 Cuda cores, 06 MHz clock speed, and 5 Gbps memory with multiple display support, up to 4K resolution (not for 4K gaming). This is the best card we can get for this setup, it will play most games with 30-40 fps in 1080p resolution.

Rs.20000 Gaming PC build

  • CPU: Intel G4400 Dual Core 3.3GHz processor Rs.4100                  Get it Now
  • Motherboard: MSI H110M Pro-VH Plus LGA 1151 motherboard Rs.3900  Get it
  • Memory: Corsair Value 4GB DDR3  RAM Rs.2500                                     Get it
  • Graphics Card: Galax GT 730 2GB DDR5  Rs.4950                                    Get it
  • Storage: Seagate 1 TB 6.0 Gbps internal HDD  Rs.3500                           Get it
  • Cabinet: Case with SMPS by iBall or Artis  Rs.1500 get it locally

Total Cost: Rs 20450

I know the cost is a bit more than 20K but we couldn’t get these parts for lower prices. If you want to lower the price change the Hard drive from 1 TB to 500 GB it will cost around Rs 3000.