Best Gaming PC Under Rs 30000 – Beast in a Budget

Let’s build the best gaming PC under 30000 Rupees, 30K is not a lot in the gaming rig world but we will build the best configuration under our budget with unmatched performance. Most important thing for a gaming PC is the graphics card and we are going to use only the best we can get under our budget.

We are going to use the Nvidia Geforce GT 1050 Mini 2 GB DDR5 graphics card by Zotac it is available on the market for around 9K. This card is the best GPU for gaming available in the market under 10K no other  GPU comes close to it at this price point. It has 640 CUDA cores and has a base clock speed of 1354 MHz it has multi-display support with up to 3 displays. Talking about the gaming performance of this card, you can easily play games like GTA V,  Rise of the Tomb Raider and Overwatch with 60 fps plus in 1080p with medium to high settings.

There are two CPU choices available for our build Intel G4400 and G4560 which cost Rs.4300 and  Rs 6900 respectively. G4560 is the better one but it raises our budget to by 2000 to a total of 31990 Rs. If you can add 2000 more than G4560 is the CPU of choice it is dual core but has 4 threads like an i3, and it performs like an older generation i3 and is the weapon of choice for a budget rig. But we have to get the best configuration under 30K so we are going with G4400, it is 3.3 GHz Dual-core processor, 3 MB L2 cache with good performance and it will not bottle neck our GPU, it’s perfectly adequate for the Geforce GT 1050.

All other parts that we are going to use are any LGA 1151 motherboard with DDR4 RAM support at we can get at the lowest price i.e. MSI H110M Pro-VH  LGA 1151. For RAM we are going to use the Corsair Vengeance 4 GB 2400 Mhz DDR4 RAM (8 GB would be preferable but budget issue), for storage, we are using WD 1 TB desktop HDD, Circle 820 CC cabinet and Corsair VS450 SMPS.

gaming cabinet by circle
Circle 820 CC Gaming cabinet

All the parts in our Gaming PC Build under 30000 Rs (Updated: May 2018)

ProcessorIntel G4560 Dual-Core CPURs.4750
MotherboardMSI H110M Pro-VH Lga 1151Rs.3750
MemoryCorsair Vengeance 4GB DDR4 Rs.3600
Graphics CardZotac Geforce 1050 mini 2 GBRs.9540
Storage WD 1 TB Desktop HDDRs.3250
SMPSCorsair VS450 Power SupplyRs.2399
CabinetCircle CC 820 Gaming Cabinet Rs.2200

Total Cost of Build: Rs.29,489


Please tell us what you feel about this build, suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Pawan Kumar Reply

    Good Selection but processor can be upgraded now with its latest version.

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